Tax Refund Bank Deposits

Many taxpayers choose the ability to have their fees deducted from their refund but want to maintain the convenience of a timely direct deposit. The Refund deposit gives them both. Once the refund is received we will deduct the fees and expedite the proceeds to the checking or savings account of their choice through ACH direct deposit.

Benefits to You

  • Revenue Sharing
  • Taxpayer has no need to return for their check freeing up time and resources for you. We process the refund directly to their card for immediate availability
  • The most convenient product
  • Once the return is complete your client is on their way
  • Fast and Easy
  • Immediate marketability to un-banked clients who are also dissatisfied with a paper check

Benefits to Your Clients

  • No check cashing fees
  • No out of pocket expense. Fees are deducted from the refund
  • Text messages and/or email notification when funds are forwarded to the bank
  • Ability to easily track refund through PACS (Phone Assisted Customer Support)