Processing Bank Refunds

Easily process your clients refund.

Our streamlined method for processing a refund is structured with you in mind. We make it fast and easy to process your client’s refund and grow your business. TFS supports all of your client and preparer needs to make the entire process seamless.

Step 1:

Prepare the return using TaxSlayer Pro Tax Software. This will ensure a seamless process for you and your client!

Step 2:

When you have completed the return using TaxSlayer Pro the rest is EASY. TFS and TaxSlayer Pro are fully integrated. Once you mark the return for e-file you simply select the product and enter the banking information. Your disclosure forms will automatically print for you. Best of all we have streamlined the process to make it FAST and EASY.

Step 3:

Next you will be taken to the receipt screen in TaxSlayer Pro where you can view estimated check amounts and fee breakdowns. The return is then ready to file.

Step 4:

Once the customer center notifies you that the refund is available you can print checks right away. Even better, if your customer has chosen to use direct deposit or a refund card the funds will be automatically forwarded. It’s that easy!